A recently paved driveway will take 6 - 12 months to cure properly. Until so, the asphalt will remain soft and pliable.

Watering down your driveway will help cool down your driveway in hot weather. It is not necessary but will temporarily harden your driveway.

Any “white spots” are not to be of concern.

There may be some visible “stains or streaks” on your recently paved driveway. These are caused by the roller drums and will gradually fade.

Unless Belgium blocks are being used; the edges of the driveway are the weakest. Avoid driving close to them as much as possible. We suggest building up the sides with soil for support and ppearance purposes.

Please refrain from parking any vehicles on the driveway for a full three days. Also, avoid parking on especially hot days until cured.

Do NOT turn wheels when car is stationary.

Avoid parking in the same spot for the first six months.

Avoid parking heavy objects (campers, trailers, etc.) for an extended period of time.

Small things like kick stands, jack stands, car ramps and even high heels may leave impressions in the recently laid asphalt.

Chemicals such as gasoline, diesel fuels, harsh cleaners and solvents will deteriarate the asphalt. Therefore avoid any spills or lean as soon as possible.


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